Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Pink = Breast Cancer Awareness

That is my Mom and in this photo she is trying on one of over 40 hats that she received at a "Hat Party" in March of 2006. The party was the weekend after she started chemotherapy. We, her friends and family, gathered to support her in the visible way. To celebrate the fact that her surgeries had gone well. To celebrate the fact that just like the first time she had breast cancer in 1994, the tumors were caught very early and the prognosis was very, very good. So there was the battle head of chemo and radiation yet much to celebrate. Later that afternoon with everyone there she would go bald having my husband shave her head and in support a friend would also shave his head going bald with her.

So this month you will see a lot of pink. Wear it proudly. Remember why you should. Do Breast Self Exam (BSE) each month. If you don't know how learn. Go to Susan G. Komen and download a printable card that will teach you how. Both times my Mom found her own tumors by doing BSE. It really can save your life. You know your body best. You know what feels normal and what doesn't. And if you find a lump talk to your doctor and get it checked out quickly. Don't delay. Please.

Because of BSE and great medical care in Dallas and Seattle we can now say my Mom is a two time Breast Cancer Survivor.


Squirrel said...

I found my cysts with BSE too. So lucky.

I'm glad your Mum made such good progress!

Rosey x

Tamara said...

So glad you were so lucky too! BSE is a very, very good thing.