Friday, February 25, 2011

Ice Cold

It is truly ice cold around here. At one point the high was 27. The sun was out and that was the high. I felt as though I'd been returned to my childhood back in Minnesota with snow outside the windows and icicles hanging all over the house. This does not look like Washington at all. I have faith though spring will arrive and with it daffodils and tulips.

Thursday, February 24, 2011


Life varies its stories. Time changes everything, yet what is truly valuable - what is worth keeping - is beyond time.

- Ruth Senter

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Crazy Weather

It was just a week ago that I was sitting in the sunshine enjoying the 70 some degree day with my friend in Alabama. Now I find myself in the middle of some crazy winter weather. Mother Nature can't seem to make up her mind. Shall it be windy and cold? Or shall it snow? Maybe some ice pellets shall rain down on the Olympic Peninsula. One thing is for certain lets keep it sunny through the whole dang event! lol What a crazy weather day?!?!

Monday, February 21, 2011


A friend of mine had this posted on his blog a few days ago and when I read this quote from Paulo Coelho I couldn't help but agree. When you fall in love you pray for paradise...for heaven. At first love always is because there is that rush of emotions and that just pure rush in all the newness of it that love can't help but be heaven. Heaven on Earth. The true test will of course be if the journey of the love remains long and still feels like heaven after the test of time. I am reminded today, as a there are a lot of people at a memorial service in Plano, Texas for a wonderful woman that I know, whether this journey of love feels like paradise, hell or a combination of the two that love never ends. It continues on. It is always a gift. A gift we are privileged to feel and have in our lives. Love allows our hearts to cross miles and boundaries our bodies cannot. Love is amazing. It is my hope that it fills your life and your heart.

A New Day

Love it when a new day begins with such beauty. The Cascade Mountain Range was on full display along with the gentle colors of the morning sunrise. You can also see the fishing boats headed out for the day, again hoping they will be catching the one that will win them the $10,000 in the derby that is taking place this weekend here.

Mt. Baker was of course out saying good morning as well.

The whole view towards the east from the deck. It was quite a morning!

Saturday, February 19, 2011


One of their most beloved songs and here it is from the night I saw them live. I found this tonight on youtube and I wanted to share it. When I watch the video I still can't believe I was there. That I really did get to see them. After so many years of listening to their music it still feels surreal. What can I say I am just a tad crazy for Jackopierce? Just a tad! ;)

Friday, February 18, 2011

Beautiful Sight

Making dinner I look up to see this in the larger Douglas Fir tree outside the kitchen window. It is a large male Bald Eagle. Such a beautiful sight on a lovely sunny day.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Cards Side by Side

This afternoon we challenged each other. We took turns picking the supplies me the paper, then Stephanie the buttons and finally me the ribbon. Then we got to work to see what we would each come up with using the same supplies. The paper is out of the DCWV Mango Frost stacks, the buttons are out of a bag of buttons and the ribbon is from Hobby Lobby. Here is what we came up with. Steph's card is the one that says "Dear Friend". Mine is the one that says "Do Great". The afternoon has been fun and to see our cards side by side is a blast. Be sure to check out Stephanie's Blog for more photos. She is so talented and will be published for the second time in the March edition of Cards.

Matthew Mayfield

He played this during his set at Workplay in Birmingham. So if you hear he is coming to your town get out there and enjoy. He is wonderful as I said before.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Working On

Here is what I've been working on...

Honey loves to be up on the scrap table "helping" out! ;)
This card uses a flower stamp by Studio g, background stamp by Impress and a thank you stamp by Close to My Heart. Papers by Prima. Inks are Studio g and Stampin Up.

Stamp is by Fiskars, patterned paper is by My Minds Eye, Cardstock by DCWV, Ink by Studio g and ribbon by American Crafts.

Stamp by Inkadinkado, Punches by Fiskars and Whale of a Punch, pattern paper by Prima, ink by Studio g.

Stamp by Studio g, Ink by Studio g, pattern papers by Prima, ribbon by American Crafts and glitter glue by Studio g.


I have been horrible about posting so far this year so I will try to make this a good one. 2011 has found me across the country from my corner and deep in the south of Alabama. I am here in my friends scraproom after a day of scrap shopping. (Rosey, you know her!!)

As my birthday gift my friend took me to see a band that I have loved for years and have always wanted to see live, Jackopierce. This is Matthew Mayfield, the opening act, hitting the stage. He was wonderful. His first full length CD comes out in April.

This is Jackopierce. I was in HEAVEN getting to hear them live. They sounded amazing and were such fun. Jackopierce is made up of Jack O'Neil with the dark hair and Cary Pierce is the blonde.

This visit down here in Alabama has been so much fun. Two more days and I return home to my corner but it is so tempting to just stay put here with a good friend that is such a fun person and a great scrapbooker.