Thursday, August 27, 2009

Power of a smile

I can't embed this favorite video of mine, but here is a link.

It is a song by the group, Casting Crowns. It reminds me of the power of a smile or a simple hello. Sometimes a person just needs you to see them. We humans can get caught up in living our lives, dealing with our problems and stop seeing those around us. I try to keep this song in my playlist as a reminder to not let that happen.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Crashing Waves

I tried to head up into the mountains this evening, but the road was closed and you could smell the smoke from the fires that are currently burning in Olympic National Park. As close as I could get to the top was about 2500 ft.

Since I couldn't make it to the top I drove back down to sea level and drove west on Hwy 101 then hugged the coast for a few miles on Hwy 112 until I got to Camp Hayden Rd and a small county park called Salt Creek. It is a place a lot of tourists don't know about, but a place so very much worth a stop. I mentioned before that when the tide is out there are tide pools that are just full of colorful life and when the tide is in the waves crashing are beautiful. Also the park has some WWII history as it had guns that protected the coast from attack. The bunker and the area where the guns were placed are still there. You actually drive through them with your car now.

The view from the bench where I was enjoying my evening.

Sights seen while away

San Antonio's Riverwalk only gets better each time I visit it. The older part is filled with tall trees, hotels, and cafes. A feast for all your senses. In the newer part that just opened in May there is some wonderful new art pieces and water features.

The San Antonio Art Museum saved the brewery keg bridge and it has been turned it into a foot bridge on the newest part of the Riverwalk.

A mural of the missions in San Antonio under a bridge along the Riverwalk.

The mural at the top of the convention center was a gift to the city from Mexico in honor of the worlds fair. It is amazing in its beauty. Only the blue tiles are glazed. The rest are natural stone. At sunset the mural really comes to life.

One of the many fountains under a bridge along the older section of the Riverwalk.

The famous San Antonio Riverwalk