Thursday, January 19, 2012

Spotlight Designer Surprise

Well I got a surprise on this snowy day.  Yes it is snowing...again!  The area of the country famous for rain is white and cold however my heart is feeling very warm.

Over on 365 Blog a card of mine, from challenge day 320-Fringe, has been selected and because of that I get to wear this neat little badge now...

Spotlight Designer Badge

Well I should say, my blog gets to wear it.  As surprised and as big of a smile as I was wearing when I saw my card up there I won't be printing it out and wearing on my shirt after all.  I mean I am a bit of a nerd, but not that much! ;)  I am about this much of a nerd...

I really am thrilled about this little surprise though.  And want to say thanks to the gals over at 365 Blog because the challenges are so much fun to participate in and the design team always seems to have wonderful cards to go with them.  That really helps when I am not feeling very inspired.

And last but not least...I give you the snow on the coast.

I took these photo's when there was a break between snow storms.  This was after the first but before the second.  The second arrived in Washington with so much wind that I now have fall leaves on top of winter snow.  Your guess is as good as mine as to where the leaves came from since the ground is covered in snow and the trees have been bare since a November wind storm. 

Monday, January 16, 2012


I have none.  Oh I have ribbon.  Tons of ribbon but I have no fringe.  Nothing that I would even consider as remotely fringe-y.  Is that even a word???  Well, either way I have none and this challenge over at 365 Blog just would not leave my head.  

An idea popped into my head using a tree sticker that I like from My Mind's Eye.  I thought I would create some fringe and turn it upside down so it was grassish and then I would attach it to a yellow circle so it would look like rays of sunshine.  Tada...I give you FRINGE! 

The challenge required the use of fringe in two places and one of them could not be at the bottom of the card.  It was a fun, quick little card to throw together and is sort of a take off on the card I did back in June out of Echo Park paper only this card is all out of scrap paper except for the sticker.  Yep, I am spending a bunch of time trying to use up those scraps.

Here you can see the sun got a lot of dimension.  I think it might be impossible for me to create anything that is flat.  If there is not a button, flower or brad on it I add a pop dot.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Thank you cards

January is the month of my birth and so I have the happy occasion to mail out thank you cards.

The layout for this card came from the "super sketchy sunday" challenge over at 365 blogs.  I really liked it as it let me use some of my favorite paper from K & Company, Wild Saffron, that I had in my scraps bin.  I don't know about you but when I fall in love with a collection like that I tend to want to use every inch of the paper.  The tag that I stamped thank you on is is also from the same collection.  The background paper is also K & Company however it is so old there is no name on it.  I would say it has been in my stash since I began scrapping almost 14 years ago.  The stamp is from one of my favorite Washington shops, Impress Rubber Stamps

 It is difficult to see in the larger photo so I took a close up.  The three crystal's are blue to carry the blue throughout the card.  They are Me and My Big Idea's. 

 The idea for this card is also from 365 Cards.  On Tuesday they offered up a card recipe which you can find here by clicking here...recipe.  I had fun using one piece of pattern paper from sassafras.  They give you a double sided paper with that great edge and I used it all on this card.  The stripe, the floral print and the scallop was the edge.  The thanks stamp is another one from Impress.  So can you spot the sticker???

Here is a photo zoomed in on the stickers.  Yes those three brad looking items are in fact stickers from colorbok.  All the look of a brad with the ease of a sticker.  Got to love that!

Sunshine in January

The northwest has a bad reputation.  You have probably heard it.  Something to do with rain and constantly.  Well lets just say it is not true.  It is sort of like saying it is cold in Minnesota all the time, where I have seen my fair share of triple digit temperatures while growing up in that state.  Or saying that Texas is always hot.  Did you know it is something like 6 degrees in Amarillo, Texas today?  Brrr!  I believe these are stereotypes and we all must concede they are not true.

This is January in western Washington...honestly.

Monday it was so cloudy it felt as if the sun did not rise.

Tuesday...well Tuesday was just about perfection with the sunshine and the high in the low 50s.

 The Olympic Mountains and Bainbridge Island

Mt. Rainier

Today it is partly sunny and the same is expected tomorrow.  It does rain here, hence all the green, just not every day and for that I am very glad. 

Monday, January 2, 2012

Winter Rainbow

Today is was the typical northwest winter day.  Some sun, some wind, some clouds and some rain.  The rain brought out a small but bright rainbow over the water for a bit.