Monday, May 10, 2010


Interests. They can be a passing fancy or they can become a life long passion. They can be something that you spend little time on and love very much. Yet others might require much more time and dedication. I have one, flight. I've never gotten to explore it to the extent that I'd like. It is on the someday list. Even if I never get there...the cockpit of a plane, it doesn't stop me from enjoy flight or loving airplanes. Growing up I had a couple of loves/interests. They were odd for a girl or at least many around me thought so. Space, planes and cars. Space I think I came by that naturally with the shuttle program starting when I was so young and getting to visit John F. Kennedy Space Center when I was 5 in 1980. Back then so much of the NASA site was open to you to tour. A much more innocent time. Planes I also came by naturally with my family traveling so much from the time I was a year old when my father was transferred for his job. Cars now this I'm not sure about. My Grandfather used to race them but it was before I was born. My Great-Grandfather helped perfect the tires we use on them when he was a chemist at Goodyear. Again though this was before I was born. Maybe its just in my DNA.
This past week whatever it is that gave me these interests was jumping for joy. A friend who remembers my love and adoration of a certain plane linked me to a recently declassified flight manual. I've switched from reading fiction this week to reading a techinical flight manual. Yes I know I'm a bit of a dork for loving this so much however I'm in heaven. It lets me dream. The plane I speak of is the most beautiful plane ever built by the human hand. The SR-71 Blackbird.

She was officially retired in 1991. However an elite division of the Air Force as well as NASA continued to fly her until 1999. They retired her only when they absolutely had to. She served well as a recon plane flying at Mach 3.2. That is just under 2,200 MPH and at 80,000 feet above the Earth's surface. Some teens had boy bands on their walls I had this plane on my wall! ;) Well and one of these...

An American classic...the Corvette!

I suppose interests are as individual as the person and part of what makes this world so interesting. We all have a slightly different way of making each day here enjoyable for ourselves.


Squirrel said...

That would make an amazing scrap-book page! Are you still scrapping?
Rosey x

Tamara said...

Yes I'm still scrapping. I got sick this winter and didn't do much of anything for a couple of months, but I've jumped back into it head first. With all the stuff in my scrap room I do believe that DH would not be thrilled if I gave up the hobby either. ;)