Wednesday, December 23, 2009

My oh my

Stephenie Meyer wrote 4 books set in Forks, Washington. It is small logging town that honestly before the books most people drove through on their way to somewhere else. Now because of the books the town is actually the place folks are on the way to as they journey down Hwy 101.

It was announced this past week that a producer wants to film a TV show here. Based on the real place and the real people. Reality TV arriving on the peninsula! This has me wondering what the TV show will actually find to show the world. Forks if full of normal people. Normal small town people. They also are auditioning people from La Push and Port Angeles. Those places are also low on folks that sparkle, phase or do much more besides go to work at normal jobs.

Think about cameras following you around each day. What would the world find you doing? Pretty normal, average things I'm guessing. Wonder how this show will go.