Friday, July 30, 2010


Saw this photo online today and it reminded me that you just have to get out there sometimes. You just have to risk. Life can be safe however the best things in life often involve some risk. So like a ship you have to leave the harbor and sail the sea.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Somewhere Beautiful

A song came on tonight that got me to thinking about being on the coast of somewhere beautiful like this...

A secluded beach on the Mexican island of Cozumel.
Or to be here off the coast of somewhere beautiful...

Diving off the coast of Ambergris Caye, an island of Belize.

Full of Nurse Sharks, Fish and Sting Ray. It is somewhere beautiful!

Or here...
The Mayan City of Tulum just over an hour out of Cancun, Mexico. It is perched on the cliffs of somewhere beautiful.

Kenny singing the song...

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Girlfriend?!

I've talked about them deer. I live on a bluff so the area towards the water is very much the way God intended it to be, natural. Trees, bushes and lots of greenery. This also means there is wildlife. Mainly a few deer and some quail. For the first 3 summers living on the bluff There was a Mama deer that each spring gave birth to twin fawns. Last spring being her last set before she was killed. They are a pair of identical male twins. The photo below is them snacking on the blackberry bushes.

So adorable with their white spots!

Now here they are tonight near the apple trees. I love them for this snacking as they save me from having to pick up the fallen apples! They were "sharing" the last fallen apple. Now just over a year old they are still together. Occasionally I spot them with their half brother from the year before who is just over two years old.

Now enter the newest of the boys got a girlfriend!!! ;)
Only has eyes for one of them too!

The three of them together this evening.
( The deer looking at the camera is not the one that has caught the girl's eye. )
I can't help but check on them and worry about them when I see them. Come fall I like to see that they have eaten well during the summer and have a good coat so I know they will make it through the winter. This is why I don't hunt. I suppose if I was starving I could do it, however I think I would become a vegetarian first! LOL!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Happy Dog

Rom is 12 and for the last few months he has mostly been confined to the main floor of our multi-level home. He can't or I should say won't do the stairs anymore. He is able to go down fine and does require assistance going up, but really doesn't like it. So the difficult call was made that he would stay on the main floor which allows him access to the fenced back yard but not the bedrooms or the family room in the basement.

Well a couple of weeks ago my husband began building a new deck in the fenced back yard. This has been planned for some time because we realized after removing some trees that there was quite a view to be had from that area and a deck would be nice. My husband took Rom into consideration while building this deck and designed steps that he can climb. They are 2 feet deep. The depth of the each step allows Rom to climb them one at a time without any outside assistance. Rom now has the freedom to go for a walk around the block or just climb up there and survey his domain.

Getting ready to smile for the camera! ;)

Smiling while surveying his domain

Just happy to be up on the deck!