Sunday, March 29, 2009

I just love Sunday!

Today was just about perfect. The sun was out and the air felt warm even though it was only about 50 here today. Service at church was uplifting and really focused towards the wonder of Easter. Yes there is a bit of pain ahead of us as we remember Good Friday, however today none of us dewelled on that. There will be time enough for that on Good Friday and during Holy Week.
Today was filled with life, sunshine and creativity. What a day! Here is some of it in photos to share with you. How I wish you could have been here in person.

The sun shining though the windows today at church was picture perfect. After the lights were off I snapped a couple of photos.

Then I drove up into the mountains. I couldn't go all the way. My car doesn't have the right tires to go all the way up into the snow, but I was able to go up far enough to really enjoy the day and the view.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Music and Memories

One of my favorite Texas bands will be playing in May out here in the lovely Pacific Northwest. I couldn't be happier about Jackopierce's visit to Seattle. This has me listening to not only their newest CD, Promise of Summer, but their older ones from my days back in Dallas and San Angelo. Listening to all this old music has me digging though some old memories and loving it! Ahh, memory lane. I've updated my playlist for the blog with some older music mixed in. Check out a newer song on the playlist that makes me think of my college days in West Texas at a small college in San Angelo. It is song #2 on the playlist at the bottom of the page called Great Divide by Jack Ingram. It mentions a small town called Cisco which I drove through on I-20 going back and forth between home and school. Cisco is also famous, or at least it should be, as the site of the very first Hilton Hotel. This is the small town were Conrad Hilton bought his first property in 1919. That would be your almost unneeded trivia fact for the day, but don't you just feel smarter now that I shared it? I knew you would!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Please let the warm days come

Spring brings with it lovely flowers that I enjoy, however most of all it brings sun. Warm sun that lets getting out near the water feel good and sights like the one in this photo possible. The tide pools at one of our local county parks, Salt Creek, are just full of colorful life. On a sunny warm day in the spring there is almost nothing better than a day spent out at the tide pools.
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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Seattle's True Icon

Built for the 1962 World's Fair, The Space Needle. I won't even admit to how many photos I have of this icon in my collection. You can't drag it out of me! Well maybe you could get it out of me for the new Quickutz Silhouette SD. I enjoy finding new vantange points to capture The Needle from when I'm in the area. Here is what I got while at the EMP. When you visit Seattle you must go up to the top, the view is amazing at night and there are no words to describe it on a clear day with the Cascade mountains as well as the Olympic mountains visable.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

New Seattle Icon

About a decade ago the EMP, Experience Music Project, came onto the scene in Seattle. It has become an icon not only for what is inside its doors but for its exterior design. It is a building that comes alive almost as you move around it.

When the sun came out later you could appreciate the architecture even more.

In only a few areas are you allowed to take photos inside the EMP. Here are some photos from those areas.

The Roots and Branches Sculpture - it is two stories and all of the galleries and exhibits are located off of it. It is sort of the center of things.

The Sky Church - Live music is played a lot here. During the day they have a light show with music going all the time. It is just nice to sit and enjoy.

On our visit I fell in love with Prints/Ads/Posters featured in the Hatch Show from the Smithsonian. Hatch press started in 1879 carving wood blocks to make ads and posters for companies and concerts. (They still do it the same way today) The combination of history, color and design just had me giddy. It was my favorite part of the EMP this visit. How I wish I could show you more, but that was an area where photographs aren't allowed.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Just in case you haven't seen Sleepless in Seattle or if it has been years the scene starts at 6:33 in the clip below. This movie is adorable.

Iconic Seattle

Pike Place Market - This is what I think of when my thoughts drift to Seattle. It is one of my favorite places to wonder around. I've found though that most people are in such a rush to see it, that they miss most of it. The market if full of colors, smells, and more than just the first floor. I beg you, take more than a moment. Oh please, see more than the famous Pig!

If you have seen Sleepless in Seattle, this is where Tom Hanks and Rob Reiner eat while discussing dating and Tiramisu. I know it for my favorite clam strips!

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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Love the Web

I posted about my hunt for new music yesterday and a site a I enjoy IndieHeart. One of my favorite songs is "Dreamin' Of" by Carly and Mark. Mark, and I'm not sure how, found this entry of mine, commenting that they had new songs at their website. They have some great new songs and a new album. Connecting people so quickly for something as enjoyable as new music is why I love the web! Well that and staying in touch with all of my friends.

Enjoy this song from Carly and Mark that I found posted by them on youtube.