Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Fear strikes at your heart. It freezes you in place and causes you to feel powerless. I was talking about this yesterday and about how overcoming a fear gives you a rush like no other. You can realize that your fear was unfounded and that you are stronger than it. My biggest fear since I was young was of saws. Table saws, circular saws and any other saw you can think about. If it had a motor and a saw blade it made my heart pound and I'd leave the room. Three years ago my family was at work on remodeling a house as a summer project together. It was just the four of us. (Mom, Dad, Brother and Sister) A very happy summer spent as a family. Near the end of the project I got the hair brained idea that the house needed the front and side entry steps covered in slate. The concrete steps were in good shape but ugly. Everyone else was busy with something else on the project and we were pushing to get the house back on the for sale market. That left only me to do this. This meant me to run the tile saw and lay the tile. Oh my! Did I mention I was scared to death of saws? Blades and motors would send me running into the mountains or at least into the house!

Well I set my mind to it and picked out the slate and purchased the tile saw I would need. Set everything up and got to work. My Dad gave me a lesson on the saw. He stood next to me as I cut my first tile and patted me on the back when I did it without killing myself or passing out. I on the other hand was euphoric. I'd beaten the saw!!! The fear was no longer bigger than me.

Fear had no power. I could do anything now. I could cut tile. I could cut boards. Oh there would be no stopping me! This taught me a bigger lesson though. I would never again let something like this have power over me. Kind of like a strange food. Give it a try you can always say you don't like and not eat it again ever. At least you haven't let fear take hold.

Here is the saw I didn't let beat me! ;) I got her pretty dirty but she was such a pretty yellow color.


Squirrel said...

My goodness! I know what you mean about saws. I don't run from them, but I keep well clear. I don't regard how I feel as a fear, more a healthy respect!
But I did used to have a fear of needles. To overcome that, I deliberately decided to give blood and have acupuncture.
Well done you for overcoming that.
Rosey x

Tamara said...

I'm glad I'm not the only having had to overcome one of those kinds of fears. I have one of those healthy respects too...of heights. lol

Glad you found a way to overcome yours as well!!