Monday, April 6, 2009

By Request

A look through my lens at Port Angeles. This evening was perfect for a walk along the waterfront and then south through downtown. As requested by a friend who has only read about Port Angeles in the books by Stephenie Meyer, here is Port Angeles. Well at least some of it.

Murals along the waterfront
Taken from the city pier looking towards Hurricane Ridge. The mountains really do meet the sea here.

Each year there is a festival called "Art on the Town" and new pieces of outdoor art are placed on the sidewalks throughout the town. Each year money is raised to purchase a favorite from the artist so it can be kept for the town to continue to enjoy.

The MV Coho. The only car ferry that will take you directly from the US to Canada. It is the best way to enjoy the charming city of Victoria even if you are visiting Seattle.

This one of my favorite murals in downtown. It shows the MV Kalakala ferry, an art deco ferry built in 1935.

Port Book and News - The best place in town to find books for grown ups. They carry new and used books. I have another store in town were I head if I'm looking for a book for the under 12 crowd. Port Book and News also has a great selection of magazines, local guide books, and cards. I don't think I could live in this town without this store.

Now for a bit of Twilight's Port Angeles

The Lincoln Theater - This is where Bella goes to the movies in the books.

Bella Italia - The site of Bella and Edwards first date I suppose you could say. Great food. If you visit don't just go because it was in the books. Go because the food is great. When my friends visit from all over the country this is the place they want to go unless they are from a place that is devoid of good Mexican food. Then they want to go eat at my friends restaurant.


Squirrel said...

You little gem!!! Thank you for going out especially with your camera! I'm going to post in the SJ Lounge to tell Twilight fans to come here and have a look. :)

What a beautiful setting with the mountains and that amazingly vivid sky. And why isn't it raining? LOL The murals are amazing, and I love the idea of the art festival. XXX

Stacy said...


Lori P said...

wow! just wow! this is awesome! thanks so much for doing that .
i pictured it a tad different, but the habor is just like i imagined

April said...

you've been busy! i wish i was brave enough to take my camera out in public and take pics of local sightings. i loved all the small town captures. makes me feel like i went on a short trip with all the great scenery! TFS oh and your new banner---WOW--- I love it!

Amy said...

So fun! TFS!