Monday, February 21, 2011


A friend of mine had this posted on his blog a few days ago and when I read this quote from Paulo Coelho I couldn't help but agree. When you fall in love you pray for paradise...for heaven. At first love always is because there is that rush of emotions and that just pure rush in all the newness of it that love can't help but be heaven. Heaven on Earth. The true test will of course be if the journey of the love remains long and still feels like heaven after the test of time. I am reminded today, as a there are a lot of people at a memorial service in Plano, Texas for a wonderful woman that I know, whether this journey of love feels like paradise, hell or a combination of the two that love never ends. It continues on. It is always a gift. A gift we are privileged to feel and have in our lives. Love allows our hearts to cross miles and boundaries our bodies cannot. Love is amazing. It is my hope that it fills your life and your heart.

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