Monday, February 14, 2011


I have been horrible about posting so far this year so I will try to make this a good one. 2011 has found me across the country from my corner and deep in the south of Alabama. I am here in my friends scraproom after a day of scrap shopping. (Rosey, you know her!!)

As my birthday gift my friend took me to see a band that I have loved for years and have always wanted to see live, Jackopierce. This is Matthew Mayfield, the opening act, hitting the stage. He was wonderful. His first full length CD comes out in April.

This is Jackopierce. I was in HEAVEN getting to hear them live. They sounded amazing and were such fun. Jackopierce is made up of Jack O'Neil with the dark hair and Cary Pierce is the blonde.

This visit down here in Alabama has been so much fun. Two more days and I return home to my corner but it is so tempting to just stay put here with a good friend that is such a fun person and a great scrapbooker.

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