Thursday, January 19, 2012

Spotlight Designer Surprise

Well I got a surprise on this snowy day.  Yes it is snowing...again!  The area of the country famous for rain is white and cold however my heart is feeling very warm.

Over on 365 Blog a card of mine, from challenge day 320-Fringe, has been selected and because of that I get to wear this neat little badge now...

Spotlight Designer Badge

Well I should say, my blog gets to wear it.  As surprised and as big of a smile as I was wearing when I saw my card up there I won't be printing it out and wearing on my shirt after all.  I mean I am a bit of a nerd, but not that much! ;)  I am about this much of a nerd...

I really am thrilled about this little surprise though.  And want to say thanks to the gals over at 365 Blog because the challenges are so much fun to participate in and the design team always seems to have wonderful cards to go with them.  That really helps when I am not feeling very inspired.

And last but not least...I give you the snow on the coast.

I took these photo's when there was a break between snow storms.  This was after the first but before the second.  The second arrived in Washington with so much wind that I now have fall leaves on top of winter snow.  Your guess is as good as mine as to where the leaves came from since the ground is covered in snow and the trees have been bare since a November wind storm. 


Squirrel said...

So beautiful. I love the snow.

I'm heading back to the UK soon, for good. And it will be just my luck if after the last 3 hard winters when I wasn't there, the next few winters are too mild for snow!

Hope you're OK my friend. Always check your ear-phones. I do LOLOL
Rosey x

P.S. Do you really neeeeeeeed word verification....?

Stephanie Buice said...

hey Congrats on your card Tam!!! That's awesome!