Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sunshine in January

The northwest has a bad reputation.  You have probably heard it.  Something to do with rain and constantly.  Well lets just say it is not true.  It is sort of like saying it is cold in Minnesota all the time, where I have seen my fair share of triple digit temperatures while growing up in that state.  Or saying that Texas is always hot.  Did you know it is something like 6 degrees in Amarillo, Texas today?  Brrr!  I believe these are stereotypes and we all must concede they are not true.

This is January in western Washington...honestly.

Monday it was so cloudy it felt as if the sun did not rise.

Tuesday...well Tuesday was just about perfection with the sunshine and the high in the low 50s.

 The Olympic Mountains and Bainbridge Island

Mt. Rainier

Today it is partly sunny and the same is expected tomorrow.  It does rain here, hence all the green, just not every day and for that I am very glad. 

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