Thursday, February 26, 2009

Winter comes again!

Saturday was a very quiet day here. I was actually enjoying it and I truly hate to admit that as I spent much of it ironing. The ironing board was set up in front of the large bank of picture windows that over look the water, so at least I can take comfort in what I was enjoying was really the view. The Quail visited Saturday, as did a Bald Eagle, and then finally just before sunset the Deer. I noticed that the Primrose were in full bloom around the apple trees as well. The idea that Spring was upon the area was so enjoyable.

This photo above brings us to the present, Thursday morning, and I'm left asking where did Spring go?? Did she head to Mexico for Spring Break? Take me with you, please.
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Squirrel said...

I miss the snow!! This is so very beautiful. TFS!