Thursday, February 26, 2009

I'm so behind

Sometimes living in this beautiful place leaves me feeling so far behind in ways. This song is a perfect example. I heard it today for the very first time while watching a fan made video for a Jane Austen movie. (Yes I'm a dork and like movies based on Jane Austen books but that is a whole other post. ;) ) The song came out in 2003, so I'm left asking what rock have I been hiding under? How did I miss this? I'm trying very hard not to kick myself for missing out on this haunting voice. I'm reminding myself that there is one radio station in town and it is a talk AM station. Trying to keep in mind I have to dig for new music, and bug my friends to find out what they are listening to, in order to find anything new & good. Having friends all over the country has to have its benefits at some point! They let me down on this song though. Can't believe someone didn't mention it before now.

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