Saturday, February 28, 2009

Dig for New Music

I mentioned in an earlier blog that I live in an area that has one radio station. That station is an AM talk station. No music to speak of gets played, however they are great at keeping up with local news. Just not too much in the way of ear candy. In order to find new music I search, youtube, Zune and one of my favorites is a site for independent artists - IndieHeart. You can listen to songs and several you can download for free as the artists post them, wanting you to download and enjoy.

A couple of my favor ties are "A Life Profound" by Mica Lee Williams, "Dreamin' Of" by Carly and Mark, and "The River" by Chapman

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Mark said...

Hello, this is Mark from Carly and Mark - thanks so much for mentioning us! We have some free downloads on our website right now if you want to hear more -!