Monday, April 25, 2011

I Understand

This past weekend was Easter and I was blessed to have my family at my home on Sunday.  The house was filled with laughter, love and the favorite...good food. 

I was even spoiled with a lovely lily and this amazing chocolate egg.  The egg is so pretty I almost don't want to eat it.  Notice I said...almost! ;)

My Dad forgot his camera and it has given me a chance to download some photos to my laptop from the last few days of the trip we took together this past fall.  I can now say I get my Mom's comment about having almost half a million photos of me but most of them with my camera in front of my face.  It seems that is how I was captured most.  Looking through these photo on my Dad's camera this photo below sums it up.  Well it sums up at least 25 photos of me.

And amazingly enough there are about 5 like the one below where my face is visible and you can see I am having a great time.


Stephanie Buice said...

Tam that is such a great picture of you!

Tamara said...

Thanks Steph! Hiking through Muir Woods with my Dad so it is a happy memory too. :)

Squirrel said...

You all look as if you're having a great time. Such beautiful flowers!
Happy Easter!
Rosey x

Tamara said...

Happy Easter to you as well Rosey! I hope you enjoyed the holiday. That Easter Lily is just full of blooms and smells amazing. As I said I feel spoiled by it. You are right it is beautiful.