Monday, April 11, 2011


The months between November and April are filled with rain, cold, wind and not a lot of variety on the Staits. The Stait of Juan de Fuca that is and if you want to get from the Pacific to Seattle you have to navigate the Staits. So for months the marine traffic has been cargo ships, container ships and oil tankers until this past weekend when there was an odd blob sitting low in the water. My eyes said it had to be a Naval Sub however my eyes also told me there was too much bulk for it to be one. When the subs move through the Straits you often don't know. Sometimes however it occurs in the daylight and above water so there are Coast Guard Cutters and air support heard flying above. This is the fourth time in almost 5 years that I have seen one. Saturday was rainy with dark skies and so the photos are not wonderful by any means yet still so cool to just have it go by. And the extra bulk I saw turned out to be a barge next to the sub. There were two Coast Guard Cutters escorting this sub as well.

This is cropped to focus in on the sub and barge.  There is also one of the smaller Coast Guard cutters just to the front of the sub however it is difficult to see as it blends in with the water so well.

The Straits are 18 miles wide at this point between the US and Canada's Vancouver Island.  In this photo you can get more of a sense of how far away the sub is from our shore, out in the shipping lane.

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