Monday, October 29, 2012


On the crafty front I haven't been doing too terribly much of late.  I am doing some super simple Thanksgiving Day cards that will go out in the mail next month.  Here is a pic of one.

I have started planning Christmas cards as well.  Hoping to have all the supplies needed before the holidays are upon us and I would rather not battle the crowds shopping for just the right this or that. 

I have been enjoying the autumn however.  Around every bend in the road it seems there is wonderful fall foliage and mountains freshly dusted with snow.  I can't seem to get enough of the crisp autumn air or the sights of the season. 

The maples are golden yellow and just seem to glow in the sunshine.

And the ornamental maples are turning red.

The submarines have been on the move lately as well and I must confess when one is going by I am glued to the window.  It just amazing to watch and realize how large they truly are in comparison to the rest of the marine traffic.

I also have managed to check an item off my to do list.  I unpacked my grandmother's china, washed it and now have it on display where it can be enjoyed each day (and make me smile!). 


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