Sunday, May 2, 2010

Agent Dale Cooper

In case you don't know remember who Agent Cooper is or heaven forbid Twin Peaks here is a clip of Agent Cooper's introduction in the pilot episode from 1989. Agent Cooper has a thing for good coffee, cherry pie and trees.

Even back in the day Sesame Street got in on the Twin Peaks fever with this skit "Twin Beaks"


Squirrel said...

LOL We're just right now watching our box set of the whole Twin Peaks series! DH has seen them before but many years ago. This is my first time. Loving its wierdity!

Thank you for my birthday greetings,
Rosey x

Tamara said...

Oh Rosey, I'm glad you are enjoying it! My friend just got me the box set as a gift and I've been watching it too. :)

Hugs, Tamara

Squirrel said...

LOL I don't know whether to concentrate hard on it and try to work out all the interweaving or not!

One thing I'm getting is... the owls are NOT what they seem.... ;-)