Saturday, June 4, 2011

Lovely Week

The week here has been full of some real beauty.

A rainbow after a storm.

 A beautiful sunrise.

The sunrise made for such a lovely start to the day.

And one very messy scrap desk.  Proof I have been in here working on something.  Just can't show you at the moment.  It is a card...a challenge card of sorts.  A friend and I are challenging each other each month using certain supplies and then mailing the cards to each other.  I want her to see the new card first.


Stephanie Buice said...

I am sure she can't wait to see it;) Love all your pics!

Tamara said...

Well she should see it soon! ;)

Stephanie Buice said...

:) we should catch up over the cams too, maybe a scrap date?

Tamara said...

Scrap date sounds just about perfect! :)

Stephanie Buice said...

BTW, I LOVED the card! super cute again Tam!

Tamara said...

So glad you did! Second one is on the way. :)