Saturday, July 3, 2010

Happy Dog

Rom is 12 and for the last few months he has mostly been confined to the main floor of our multi-level home. He can't or I should say won't do the stairs anymore. He is able to go down fine and does require assistance going up, but really doesn't like it. So the difficult call was made that he would stay on the main floor which allows him access to the fenced back yard but not the bedrooms or the family room in the basement.

Well a couple of weeks ago my husband began building a new deck in the fenced back yard. This has been planned for some time because we realized after removing some trees that there was quite a view to be had from that area and a deck would be nice. My husband took Rom into consideration while building this deck and designed steps that he can climb. They are 2 feet deep. The depth of the each step allows Rom to climb them one at a time without any outside assistance. Rom now has the freedom to go for a walk around the block or just climb up there and survey his domain.

Getting ready to smile for the camera! ;)

Smiling while surveying his domain

Just happy to be up on the deck!

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Squirrel said...

Aw he's a beauty! Love that grin on his face. Well done to hubby for building all that decking too. Can we get a pic of the view? LOL
Rosey x