Sunday, November 21, 2010


Such a difference a week makes. Well and about a 1000 miles I suppose. Last Sunday this is where I was, Stinson Beach in northern California. It was a sunny warm day with the temperature at the beach reaching 70 degrees and inland a balmy 84 degrees. So very nice!

This Sunday I find this is my reality...the first lowland snow of the season. This is a la nina winter here in the pacific northwest. It means we can expect it to be a wet one and if the cold comes down from Alaska to say hello that wet becomes snow. It is lovely to look at on the Sunday afternoon while I can curl up inside with a good book near the fire or scrapbook the day away upstairs yet I know tomorrow when it is around and folks have to return to work it won't exactly be so lovely. Lowland snow isn't very normal weather for us. We like it up in the mountains where we can look at it from afar and say, "Doesn't that look so nice" and "Oh, look at that fresh snow. How beautiful!"

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