Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Mt. Baker and an Aqua Winter Card

The sun has been shining on the northwest the last couple of days and it has been stunning!  Just absolutely beautiful!

 Here is Mt. Baker in all its glory during the sun filled day.  It is about 120 miles away across the straits from here.  Makes for a pretty view.

 And a view that only gets better as the pale pinks of sunset begin.

I had the need to make a card today that really did not call for a sentiment on the front.  There will be a note on the inside.  This time of year is all about Christmas however this card is not about the holiday so I really did not want to use any of those colors yet I wanted the card to be festive.  I got my inspiration from 365 Cards challenge to use blue-green on your card.  There is lots of it on this card.  The cardstock is aqua, the velvet ribbon is aqua and the pattern paper also has aqua in it.  I really like how the colors work together and I do not believe I would have pulled it together this way without the challenge.  So yay for that!

 The snowflakes are a favorite embellishment of mine that I found a couple of years ago at my local discount store in the sewing section even though they are not a button.  I add a flat back crystal to the center for just a little extra sparkle.  As you can see they have great dimension.

In this picture it is easier to see the crystal added to the center. 

The 365 Blog has a different card challenge each day.  Be sure to stop by there to get some inspiration. 

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annieambriel said...

Lovely colours and beautiful snowflakes on your card.

Thanks for joining us at 365cards and the shout out! :D