Saturday, March 28, 2009

Music and Memories

One of my favorite Texas bands will be playing in May out here in the lovely Pacific Northwest. I couldn't be happier about Jackopierce's visit to Seattle. This has me listening to not only their newest CD, Promise of Summer, but their older ones from my days back in Dallas and San Angelo. Listening to all this old music has me digging though some old memories and loving it! Ahh, memory lane. I've updated my playlist for the blog with some older music mixed in. Check out a newer song on the playlist that makes me think of my college days in West Texas at a small college in San Angelo. It is song #2 on the playlist at the bottom of the page called Great Divide by Jack Ingram. It mentions a small town called Cisco which I drove through on I-20 going back and forth between home and school. Cisco is also famous, or at least it should be, as the site of the very first Hilton Hotel. This is the small town were Conrad Hilton bought his first property in 1919. That would be your almost unneeded trivia fact for the day, but don't you just feel smarter now that I shared it? I knew you would!

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