Thursday, March 19, 2009

New Seattle Icon

About a decade ago the EMP, Experience Music Project, came onto the scene in Seattle. It has become an icon not only for what is inside its doors but for its exterior design. It is a building that comes alive almost as you move around it.

When the sun came out later you could appreciate the architecture even more.

In only a few areas are you allowed to take photos inside the EMP. Here are some photos from those areas.

The Roots and Branches Sculpture - it is two stories and all of the galleries and exhibits are located off of it. It is sort of the center of things.

The Sky Church - Live music is played a lot here. During the day they have a light show with music going all the time. It is just nice to sit and enjoy.

On our visit I fell in love with Prints/Ads/Posters featured in the Hatch Show from the Smithsonian. Hatch press started in 1879 carving wood blocks to make ads and posters for companies and concerts. (They still do it the same way today) The combination of history, color and design just had me giddy. It was my favorite part of the EMP this visit. How I wish I could show you more, but that was an area where photographs aren't allowed.

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Squirrel said...

What an amazing building! The sun shining on it is really beautiful. You're a brilliant photographer, you know? :-)