Saturday, September 11, 2010

Messy, Messy Corner

Several years ago my husband and I moved out of our 1920s era home that we had remodeled and into a multi-story 1970s era home that needed updated. In that really hot real estate market that the US was experiencing several years ago this beauty with an unobstructed water view was just sitting and sitting. She had been on the market 6 months when we looked at her and man oh man was she ugly. Her worst feature the white and brown brick story and half fireplace that was featured not only in the living room but also in the entry of the home. It was awful and it was the first thing you saw as you walked in the house. So needless to say this house has taken some vision and hard work. With the inside shaping up we are really starting to look at the outside of the house. Last summer it was getting rid of that dark brown color it had been painted and this summer it is a bit messier as the photos below show.

We have a great big yard, yet no way to get there from the front entrance area. Well here comes one. A few weeks ago we had a friend dig up the yard with a back hoe and now with the forms in place the concrete truck arrives to begin pouring the slab that will allow steps to be built. That's my Dad and Brother helping my husband out for the day. My husband would be the one in the middle of the concrete getting the messiest! Just how do you get concrete stains out of cotton?!

Here you can really appreciate the mess. Mess equals progress and I am doing my best to keep that in mind.

A bit of the progress. The first float of the new front porch!


Squirrel said...

Wow that looks like a LOT of work. You have to keep reminding yourself it will be worth it in the end, don't you? Our little house is under half an inch of plaster dust throughout at the moment, and we're heading back there this weekend to create some more. ;-)
Have a good week!
Rosey x

Tamara said...


Oh plaster dust just gets in every little nook. Hope it is a good weekend for you back home! I do try to remind myself that, yes the finished product will be worth all this work in the end. :)