Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Ryan Star Thank You

Last night my friend and I were at Chop Suey Seattle to see Ryan Star. What a live show it was! I can now say that not only does Ryan Star sound great in videos and on his CDs but also during a live show. He also puts his heart and soul into it. The audience is entertained by his voice and also by his wit. The man kept us laughing between songs. We had such a good time that Sunday we will actually be going to another concert where he will be opening for Train. Like Train but going honestly to see Ryan Star perform again. I will also say that Ryan took the time to greet fans and my friend and I got a moment to chat with him twice. Both times he was quite nice.

Before he took to the stage a man by the name of Ry Cumings performed and this was the first I had heard of him. His songs wowed us as well. Here is a video for one of his songs.

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