Monday, September 6, 2010


When people visit the Pacific Northwest from other areas of the country they expect rain and clouds all the time. Everyone seems conditioned to expect this. Well folks I hate to burst your is a LIE! Yes it is true we do get rain and in some places a lot of it. Come here in late fall and winter, I promise you shall find either rain or snow someplace in the Pacific Northwest. However if you arrive during the summer expect what you see in this photo a friend took of my back yard. Blue skies and brown grass. The only thing green are the trees and the patch of grass around the apple trees where we water just for the apple trees. All over town this is what you find. This mix of brown and green because at this point we have had one good rain in the last two and half months. Pacific Northwest summers are wonderful things!

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Squirrel said...

What a stunning view to wake up to in the morning. Well I'm glad for you that you DON'T have as much rain as they make out in the movies. 'Cos if it's sunny, you wouldn't really be having vampires around would you? ;-)
Rosey x

Tamara said...

LOL! I love your sense of humor Rosey!! :)