Friday, May 13, 2011

Seattle, X-Band Radar, Cruise Ship and Mt. Rainier

How was that for a title to a post?  Could I have fit any more in there?  It was a beautiful day in the city yesterday and I got some great shots of the lovely Emerald City as the ferry was headed for Bainbridge Island and away from the Coleman Docks. 

Remember you may click on any of these photos to bring up a larger image. 


 Sapphire Princess and the Coast Guard Vessel that shadowed the ferry yesterday evening.  The announcement said it was "perfectly normal".  I would just like to add that in almost 14 years here I have never been aboard when they have done this even after 9/11.  Now we have K-9 dogs that check out our cars before board and such however I had never seen this until last evening. 

 The X-Band Radar Vessel that passed my home earlier in the week is in dock and work has begun on it.

 Mt. Rainier in the background there.

The Space Needle

The hole shebang!

As I said it was a beautiful day and a lovely evening.  On days like this you can see way we all live in the Northwest...mountains, tall green trees, blue skies and even blue water.  Doesn't get any better than this folks!

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