Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Olympic National Park

ONP for short is huge. It fills the majority of the land mass of the peninsula. Only a portion of it is accessible by car. The rest of it you have to get out and explore on foot or simply leave to the animals. Today after finishing up a few quick things at the office I drove west out of town on Hwy 101 headed for Lake Cresent and an ONP trail head.

I found myself here.

Here appears to be about 20 miles away from home!

The drive didn't take long. I guess because there was a lot of eye candy to focus on.

This is where I was headed, Marymere Falls. Today was another warm, beautiful day. A perfect day for this nice, easy hike.

Check out that sun through the trees!!

No matter how many times I cross the creek on this little bridge made out of a tree I still love it. Doesn't this just look other worldly? There are days where I'm amazed I live here. Will I ever get used to the beauty? I really hope not.

And we have arrived. The first glimpse the falls.

Marymere Falls in all her glory

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Squirrel said...

Oh aren't these gorgeous! The one with the sun shining through the trees is just like out of the movie LOL. Is that hanging moss on the trees? It must get pretty wet there to have that.
You've inspired me to take some photos of where I live for my blog, just in case anyone might be interested. There's no comparison with WA though! TFS! XXX