Sunday, April 19, 2009

Time passes, but I remember

14 years ago today a bomb exploded in Oklahoma City. That bomb changed many lives as well as ending 168 peoples lives. It was a very sad day. A day where I remember everyone asking, "Why?"

I am not old enough to tell you where I was when Kennedy was shot. I can however tell you where I was when the Space Shuttle Challenger exploded, when the World Trade Center buildings fell, and when the bombing in Oklahoma City occurred. April 19, 1995 I had closed the door to my dorm room and my phone rang. It was my Dad. He knew my class schedule as well as I did. He wanted me to hear the news from him first. I turned on the news, sitting there watching and talking with him for almost an hour. It was surreal in so many ways. To know that this chaos was going on only a few hundred miles away from my quiet college campus. To think that this could even happen. In the days that followed to think that another human could hurt so many people he didn't even know. At the time many thought, and even said aloud, that some how the pain would be less if the terrorist act had been carried out by someone who wasn't American. 9-11 taught us a several years later that violence like this always hurts. It doesn't matter who carries it out. It just simply hurts. Time does pass. I hope that the hurt is a bit less for the family and friends directly effected in Oklahoma City by the pain that day. I know that they remember. I remember too.

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