Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A couple cards

 Made a couple cards today.  The first with a stamp I have been dying to use.  I got this stamp when I was traveling across country earlier this past fall.  Found it in the darling stamping store, Guadalupe's Fun Rubber Stamps,  in Santa Fe, New Mexico on an absolutely beautiful October day.  Oh.....to be there now.  Yeah okay back to the cards.  It was nice to be working on something at the new desk I must say.

 The stamp says, "Wish you were here.  I'm not on vacation.  I just miss you and wish you were here."  The postmarks at the bottom are from Fiskars new wheel.  It took a time or two to get setting it up down to a science but I do like it.  I like that it uses flat clear stamps and only one bulky wheel to run them all.  The cost for the stamps is affordable too as at my local Joann's they are about $4.00 each.

With this next one we have two cards in one...kind of.  It is also the smallest card I've ever made.  Here is the close up of the small one that is embellishing part of the large card.

Here is the whole card.  Most of the card made using Echo Park papers although there is some fabric on there too.  I am playing around with the best way to adhere that to make my own fabric paper.

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