Saturday, March 12, 2011


Tonight several gals gathered at my home for a monthly crop.  We scrap, we make cards, we talk and most importantly we eat. lol  As one of the gals arrived she presented me with the most lovely bunch of flowers.  It is a mix of roses and star gazer lillies.  Oh they are so very, very pretty and so unexpected.  Just what I needed today.  Isn't is wonderful when you are having a day that is just a little more difficult than others and something like this happens out of the blue?  It lifted my spirits and they will continue to over the next several days as those lillies open and only become more beautiful.  

About the crop.  I didn't get much done tonight.  I spent a lot of time getting things and I'll admit it...showing off my new scraproom.  I believe I'm in love with that new desk.  I do have a couple simple cards I managed to get finished and another I will finish up in the morning.  Here are some pictures of what I was working on.

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