Friday, March 18, 2011

Retro Moment

Hanging out with one of my friends last night watching the Dual Spires episode of Psych, which was their tribute to Twin Peaks, somehow this song came up in the conversation.

The song is One More Try by Timmy T.  I had not thought of the song or heard it since high school. As soon as my friend, Leslie, mentioned it I HAD to hear it. The song was played a lot back in 1991 when it was number 1 on the billboard chart and I owned the cassingle of it. Just now listening to the song on YouTube and watching the video I must say I giggled. I enjoyed the retro moment and hope you do too even if you have no memory of the song I hope you can at least remember the clothes, the hair, the cars or something from those time and it makes you smile or chuckle. Thank you Timmy T for this enjoyable, albeit slightly cheesy, retro moment!

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