Friday, March 18, 2011


This week has been amazing.  I can't put my finger on it just something about it has left me feeling thankful and very aware of those small things in life that keep you connected and feeling close to the important people in your life.  For me it's one those things that make life worth it and just leave me feeling happy.  You know that unexplained feeling that comes from inside and becomes a big smile lighting up your whole face.  That smile that leads people to ask you, "Why are you smiling?" and you don't have an answer for them.  Because honestly how can you explain a text from a friend saying simply "okie dokie" or one that told you that you make a friends heart happy or even another you got back from a friend in the middle of the night when you got home after a long drive glad you were there safely. To anyone else these small things wouldn't matter one teeny tiny bit.  To me these small moments with my friends have made my week amazing.  Along with a discovery of the very best corn dogs ever courtesy of one of my friends.  This is the stuff life is made of...all these small things.  Yes sometimes it is big moments that take our breath away however a lot of the time the really good stuff in life, the priceless stuff, can be found in these small, amazing moments.  So if you see me and I am smiling for no apparent reason you will know this is why.  I have great friends!

And just a small bit of left coast beauty from my corner.  The days are getting longer and spring is...well it is springing and that is just springy! lol

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