Friday, March 25, 2011

My Scraproom Updated

I received a request to post some updated photos of my scraproom showing the last two shelving units that were added last week.  The shelving units added are the smallest ones in the Expedit series at IKEA.  I have the medium and the small in the room now along with the desk attachment on one of the medium ones.  I've been working in the room now for a month and I still love them.  In these photos you can also see  red boxes in some of the shelves, white in others and those are also from IKEA made to fit with these bookcases/shelf units.  So on to the the updated photos!

This one is just inside the door and to the left.  Inside its shelves are my scrapbook and card magazines.  IKEA again for the magazine holders.  I really like the white ones with the metal edging because the price was right and they are reinforced with the metal to hold up with the use I'll be giving them.  The red boxes hold some books I want to keep in my scraproom and some papers yet housed like this it makes for a very clean look and also makes keeping things clean easy.  The unit puts my paper cutter at a perfect level as well.

In this view of the room from the door you can see the unit that has been added at the end of the desk.  At first I was not crazy about this because the new unit is about an inch and a half taller than the desk.  Now though with my laptop on it and a few days to think about it I like the idea of that height difference as it protects my laptop from what I am doing on my scrap desk.  It also keeps brads, eyelets and other small items from rolling away.  Now as for what is in the unit...I got the covered white boxes here because I am keeping various stamps in these (wood mounted rubber in one and flat rubber & clear in the other) and I wanted a lid on them.  In the other two spots I have temporary containers holding inks and cards that are made and ready for mailing.  Next time I am at IKEA I will be picking up two more of those red boxes for these spots.

Here is how the desk looks now that the bookcase has been added to the end.  It is so nice to have all this space to work on.  Everything is handy and so scrapping is enjoyable and clean up is a breeze.


Stephanie Buice said...

Tam I love it! They are perfect additions and your cards rock!

Tamara said...

Steph, Thank you! It is almost as good as your scrap table. Almost! :) And thank you for that vote for my cards. Look for another one to arrive in your mailbox soon.