Saturday, May 22, 2010

Rubies at the Pacific

Ruby Beach is a part of Olympic National Park and it is actually the first Pacific beach that you arrive at if you drive west from the Port Angeles, Sequim or Forks area. What makes it amazingly beautiful to me are the rugged cliffs and sea stacks. On Thursday it was perfect spring day and my mind was heavy with some thoughts. Nothing seems to allow for clearer thinking than natural, God given beauty and the sound of the sea. Here are some photos I took as I walked the beach and the trail to the beach. This is such a pretty place and if you are in the area it is certainly more than worth your time for a stop.

This is Destruction Island. As you can see there is a Light House a top it that is still in operation even today with improved navigation to warn ships away from it. You can guess from it's name what used to happen when ships got close to the island before the light was installed.

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