Thursday, May 6, 2010

Go West Young Lady

I like to drive and I like to hike. Both activities focus my mind and around here it is hard not to enjoy the scenery. So west I went this afternoon. It was my intention to have a nice long hike, however the weather had another plan. Here at home it was nice and sunny but out west it was anything but sunny. After dodging rain drops I shortened the hike and it became more a nice drive filled with lots of the areas beauty.

Canadian Goose nesting. Seeing this made me wonder why its called a Canadian Goose when clearly this goose is American! ;)

View looking west from the last 1/3 of Lake Crescent. There is almost some sunshine on those foothills way way in the west.

The trees are so tall. Describing how tall is difficult. Being in the forest here is almost like being surrounded by sky scrappers in the city. Only it smells a whole lot better!

It is so green too!

I took this one as I was getting back to my car. My first thought needs washed. My second thought...look how small it seems next to those tall trees.

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