Thursday, May 20, 2010


It is one of those human emotions we don't like to own up to having. We feel silly for having the emotion. Well I'll be honest and say that I have it. Not for something you'd probably expect though. I don't envy the neighbor's car, house or boat. I envy people in the southern part of the county. They have access to a shop that I adore. That I suppose is an odd thing to envy, however I do and I'll confess it. The shop is James Avery. I hadn't heard of the store until I moved to Texas in my teens. I was quickly introduced to it because most of the girls in my high school had a wrist that jingled when they moved. Almost every one of girl wore a charm bracelet with charms from James Avery. Some of the charms were silly. Simply something to spend money on and have as a status symbol. For some like myself though charms were collected slowly and each one means something important. The store even went out their way when I requested a doberman charm. It had been discontinued in the late 1980s however they still had the mold for the charm in their warehouse. Out the mold came from storage and they made one for me. I continue to add to mine even though I've moved away and wear my bracelet almost daily. The charms remind me of people, places and events in my life.

I stay on their mailing list and it was just announced the Tennessee is the lucky state to receive the next new store. I keep hoping they will venture north. I'm afraid though that I have to venture south in order to visit the eye candy I so adore in person.

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