Friday, May 7, 2010

What a day!

This past evening was just wonderful in the sense that the birds were singing and the sun was out. It's warm enough now to head down to the water for sunset. Saying it's warm enough does not mean that its warm. It means only that instead of coming home frozen you get to come home chilled!

Along the water it was perfect though. The tide was out enough that instead of walking along the road I could walk along the rocky beach and enjoy the waves crashing. I'll never take living here for granted.

It was so lovely.

Another day coming to an end with such a lovely glow

Returning to my car and looking towards PA I noticed that Hurricane Ridge was making an appearance for the first time all day. The mountains had been covered in clouds all day. It is very odd this time of year but it's been snowing something like 10 inches a day up there the last few days while we have had a cold front in the area. Snow in May!!

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