Sunday, May 9, 2010

A new sight!

Someplace I've never been...Freshwater Bay. I'd been near it before and friends have a house on the other side of the bay so I've been in the very near area before. Just not THE bay. It was beautiful yesterday. The cold front that had been making our days feel like March instead of May moved out of the area and the weather has improved. The mountains have a fresh layer of snow though and what a beauty they are! I hope I never get so busy or so bogged down that I can't see the beauty of what is around me. I say I'll never take this place for granted. I really hope I mean that!

1 comment:

Squirrel said...

Spectacular. Oh you'll never take it for granted - you just won't. If you appreciated it to start with, it will always be special.
Rosey x