Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Customer Service

Every job I've ever held has depended on my ability to provide customer service and also to ensure that at times those I supervised provided customer service. Because of this when I go into a business I have expectations that I'll receive customer service to certain level. Today I found myself again wondering when employees are trained if they are taught the basic principles of ...

1. The customer is always right
2 If the customer is wrong, please see rule #1.

And also

That a happy customer tells approximately one other person but an unhappy customer tells five to seven people.

I'm hoping that tomorrow when a call is supposed to come from this business that they recover with grace. I did my best today to handle the situation with tact. It will begin to move quickly out of control though. One of those moments where you can see the car accident coming and it simply isn't in your power to stop it.

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