Sunday, August 8, 2010

A First

Never before have a created something in my scrap room with the intention of tossing it on the ground and having it get trampled on. Last night I did just this. My husband loves to joke and tease. We had some friends coming over for dinner and there had been some teasing going on for a couple of days about invitations to dinner and how a real one would be nice. So my husband asked me to make a couple. One for his best friend and a separate one for his wife. The one for his friend would be tossed outside and walked on. Made to look like it was forgotten. A good use for some of the scrap paper in the my stash, yes??? I thought so!

So here it is. Nice and simple tossed out in our driveway to get walked upon! Isn't this just silly?!

The walking upon!

A trampled and forgotten invitation.

I was busy in the kitchen when our friends arrived. I hear though that this created quite a laugh. So the joke turned out well in the end!

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Squirrel said...

LOL you're silly! Good to see you back in the game again.
Rosey x