Sunday, August 22, 2010

In the eye

They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Sometimes the person who will become the beholder must see the possibilities for that beauty. Sometimes that beauty can be quite hidden for whatever reason. This is true for people and also for the things around us. In this case for a house that I've mentioned before that my family worked on a couple of summers ago. From the street you had to wonder if there was a house back there. Really what had we just bought?!

They say there is a house back there. Apparently we have just purchased it. It has come with some landscaping and a some large trees in need of trimming too!

Trees trimmed and landscaping pruned. There is a house back there and at this point was being primed by yours truly. I won't say how much primer I put on this house. I will just leave it at A LOT. When I thought I was done I wasn't.

What could be a lovely courtyard area between the garage and the house. Came with a fountain that was covered in more layers of paint that I'd like to remember as I had to remove them!

The garage that was saved as it didn't look like much!

Painted and ready for the first open house!

The courtyard ready to enjoy

The garage that looks like a garage instead of a place to avoid.
That summer was a lot of hard work however since it was done beside my family it was a lot of fun too. Also being able to go home at the end of each day and see exactly how much progress was made was very rewarding. After years working at a desk it was nice to work with my hands that way for a few months. The other side benefit was the gal that works the gate here for our local waste transfer station, aka the dump, got to be on a first name basis with us. 17 truck loads of trash left this adorable place before we were done. That doesn't count the yard waste that went into compost.

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