Sunday, August 1, 2010

Informed Voter

I like to be an informed voter. I am aware of what is going on in my state, county and city. Local elections are in many ways just as important or more important than national elections. There are an awful lot of layers of government between you and the president but if there is a problem here in the county you can actually go and see the commissioner. It is very important that you vote and that it be an informed vote. This person will have a direct, and sometimes immediate, effect on your life even if it just in local codes yet it could be in the number of deputies on the streets.

This week the ballots arrived in the mail for my state's primary. I opened mine and was amazed at two of the names on the ballot...Goodspaceguy and Mikethemover. They are running to be my Senator. They would like me to vote for them so they can represent me in D.C. See the photo below out of my friends voters guide. No joke. It is real. They paid the filing fee. Unreal!

It goes without saying they do not have my vote! lol

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