Thursday, August 19, 2010


When you own your own business everyone seems to think that it is just this wonderfully amazing thing. You make your own schedule. You are your own boss. That might be true for some small business owner out there some place in the world. However for every small business owner I have ever known this is the truth...

Your boss is your customer and your customer makes your schedule. You, the owner do your very best to carve a life out of the middle of that schedule. The first years are the most grueling with the later years when you can, if you want, hire more staff. Staff of course comes with its own headaches. I stray from my purpose I wanted to discuss the perks!

My family for years owned a business and as such there were some perks. Traveling to visit clients. Business dinners at our favorite Mexican place. Hey, we did talk business. I promise we did! One of my favorite perks was being able to have our dogs with us in the office. The employees enjoyed it and the dogs enjoyed not being left at home during the long hours we spent at the office. When I got a new puppy I have to say it made all that puppy stuff easier as well. That was until she ate the cord that connected my PC to the time clock just before payday. The cord had to be special ordered from the east coast and overnighted at my expense. Good thing said puppy was cute! As I said having her there was a perk...most days. See here she was in her spot under my desk at about 12 weeks old looking so very innocent. I hope someday I am lucky enough to have a job with such nice perks again.

Natasha - The "innocent" Rat Terrier

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