Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Healthy is a topic that has been on my mind a lot this year. Not only physical health but mental health. They can be intertwined with each other. Being healthy in both respects makes for the happiest, truest form of yourself. It allows you to do and be more for yourself and for those around you. I came across this video today and it reminded me of how we shouldn't let other peoples opinions of ourselves affect us nor should we judge others as we have no way to truly understand their life and understand the impact we could have. Our goal should always be to lift each other up and to be kind.

Yesterday while at the local shopping mall I saw an example of this. It was a mother and a daughter doing their back to school shopping. The daughter is twelve. I remember this age so well. You aren't a teenager yet and as a girl you just feel so awkward. Are you a child or are you a woman? Your body thinks it is a woman. Your parents think you are a child. You are caught somewhere in this odd middle stage. This mother and daughter had obviously been having this battle of wills all day. Daughter says something about boys. Mom says you don't need the attention of boys. Girl wants a real bra. Mother wants her just to get a sports bra. Girl wants lace. Mother wants cotton. I just smiled at the girl as we passed. It was all I could do. I wanted to say more to the Mother because this is the age where roads diverge and a girl either turns to her Mother or away from her Mother. This girl looked a bit lost already. She needed an older sister someone who would show her the middle ground and help her feel good and healthy about all these changes. After I had left the store I have to say it made me grateful for my Mother and how she handled that time in my life. How I managed to come out of it healthy both physically and mentally. Being a woman is difficult and being a Mom must be at times the most difficult job on the planet with so much riding on getting those kids healthy and keeping them healthy.

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