Monday, August 30, 2010

Twilight Humor

I like Twilight. I have read the books and I liked them. I have seen the movies and I liked them. That said I am NOT a Twihard. I do live in the land of Twilight though and daily I am surrounded by people traveling to Port Angeles and Forks for no other reason than the books. It is great they are here. Really. Tourism is wonderful. All I ask is don't drive the wrong way on the one way streets, think twice about using the bike lanes (we have log trucks here) and pretty please drive the speed limit.

If you have read the books then you know in a couple of them Bella goes to the movies in Port Angeles at the Lincoln Theater. This is a real place at the corner of Lincoln and First here in Port Angeles. As I was walking up First Street this weekend with some friends that were visiting for the weekend I pointed out the marquee because I thought the order of the movie listing was kind of humorous.

I chuckle when I read that...Twilight Saga Eclipse Vampires Suck. Couldn't they have put that in a different order or did they want people like me to laugh each time they drive through downtown?!?!

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